As a package, it’s exactly the kind of weird I need in my life right now.– Grayowl Point, Dec. 29th 2017

¡FLIST! - Songs of Love for Jewish Girls

Songs of Love... Album art 11-minutes, 2017

"O jeune fille, jette-toi encore dans l'eau pour que j'aie une seconde chance de nous sauver tous les deux !" - Albert Camus, The Fall

Accompanying 4-song EP to Fuck You Im Dead featuring the disembodied voice of JG Thirlwell. Originally released on vinyl as a limited edition of 25.

I wrote the majority of this EP while navigating an abusive relationship in my early twenties. It's difficult to look at this music and feel anything but sadness and pain but it exists, I guess.





performed and recorded by Charlie Twitch

vocals recorded at VergilReality by Vergil Sharkya'

'Bug' recorded at Beat Soup Sound by Chris Cuber

'This Is How We Null' contains samples from 'Today I Started Slogging Again' by Foetus, used with permission

Big thanks to my family, Kaja Levy, Aleks Schürmer, Mike Snow, Jamie Woollard, Louis + Natalie, Lynn Hanley, John + Jess, Shea Bishop Duffy, Stephane Oystryk, and Vergil Sharkya' for all your invaluable help and support for this release.


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